Bridge Looms Over Future of Docs Seafood Shack in Orange Beach

As the din created by lunch in the summer season at Doc’s Seafood Shack in Orange Beach swirled around him, co-owner Richard Schwartz tried to take a phone call.

I’m standing here in the middle of Doc’s lunch and it’s so busy, he said. Remember what Yogi Berra used to say about a place? This place is so busy, nobody goes there anymore. That’s how it is at Doc’s.

But people still flock to Doc’s daily for lunch and nightly for dinner despite the crowd. Friday night 650 guests dined at the iconic restaurant on the north side of Canal Road at Alabama 161 and a few yards away from the south bank of Wolf Bay.

Schwartz hopes the threat of a bridge over that same Wolf Bay won’t stop he and partner J Schenck and their army of loyal employees from continuing to serve up the good stuff at one of Orange Beach’s busiest restaurants.

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